Photography and Printmaking Equipment

I am often asked about the equipment I use to take photographs and make color prints. I like to point out that it is the photographer who really “makes” the photograph, and the best cameras and lenses are not a substitute for hard work, a clear vision, great light, and a strong picture composition. Invest in good photographic tools, but try to avoid the common photographic equipment diseases, including camera craving, lens lust, accessory angst, and, all too common in this digital age, megapixelitis.

Here’s what I’m currently using in my photography:

  • Nikon D800E and two Nikon D7200 digital cameras with Nikon and Sigma lenses from 12mm to 500mm
  • iPhone 7 Plus
  • Gitzo G1348 carbon fiber tripod with Kirk BH-1 tripod head
  • Nikon circular polarizing filters
  • WhiBal white balance card & Gretag-Macbeth Color Checker
  • Delkin 32GB and 16GB compact flash cards and SD cards
  • Tamrac and Lowepro camera bags

For image processing and making color prints I use:

  • 2.8 gHz Dell Precision T1600 i7 with  a 250 GB solid state hard drive, 16 GB of RAM and  Windows 10, and a Dell Mobile Precision 2.7 gHz M6700 laptop with a  250 GB solid state hard drive, 16 GB of RAM  and Windows 7, plus a 4 TB Drobo 4Bay external  SATA drive backup system
  • Eizo ColorEdge CE240W LCD monitor
  • Adobe Photoshop CC, Lightroom CC, Helicon Focus 6, Photomatix Pro 5
  • Canon Realis SX50 digital projector and Microsoft’s Powerpoint 2010 for digital slide programs
  • Minolta DiMage Scan Multi Pro film scanner and Epson Perfection V700 flatbed scanner for scanning color transparencies
  • Gretag-Macbeth Eye-One Photo color calibration system
  • Epson Stylus Pro 9900 inkjet printer with Ultrachrome HDR pigment inks, Epson Premium Luster paper and Epson Satin Canvas, plus Colorbyte Software’s ImagePrint 9.0 software