A Photographer’s Guide to Ohio – Update

New Book Cover

We are making good progress with my new book, A Photographer’s Guide to Ohio.  I received the first color proof from Ohio University Press a couple of weeks ago, and I’m working on the index, which is a challenging task for a 200-page book! There are about 160 detailed place descriptions and 150 color photographs. The book is a paperback and measures 6×9-inches, so it won’t take up too much space on your next Ohio photo trip. Ohio University Press plans to print the book in the United States or Canada, and if all goes well the book should be available sometime in May.

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  1. We are patiently waiting Ian…how did you find time to work on this these last couple weeks while judging all those photos in the Plain dealer Photo Contest…

  2. Jeff – the Plain Dealer Travel Photo Contest will be judged on March 22 at the Plain Dealer headquarters in Cleveland.

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