iPhone Landscape & Nature Photography – Cuyahoga Valley Photographic Society, January 18, 2017

It’s estimated that 1 trillion (a 1 followed by 12 zeros) photographs were taken worldwide in 2015. If each of these pictures were made into a 4×6-inch print and laid end to end, the line of prints would stretch from the earth to the sun and back – more than 200 million miles. Most of these pictures were taken with cell phone cameras, and the most popular is the iPhone – Apple has sold over 1 billion of them! You probably own one – or an Android equivalent smartphone. Join me on Wednesday, January 18, for a program, iPhone Landscape & Nature Photography, with the Cuyahoga Valley Photographic Society (CVPS) at Happy Days Visitor Center, from 7-9 pm. We will explore many iPhone photography topics, including:

  • Advantages and limitations of iPhones for landscape and nature photography;
  • The best iPhone settings for scenic photography;
  • Optimizing exposure, sharpness, white balance & color rendition with your iPhone;
  • How to shoot in raw mode and control depth-of-field with the latest iPhones;
  • The best iPhone apps for taking landscape and nature photos;
  • Tips for lighting and composing compelling photographs;
  • Organizing, fine-tuning, and sharing your iPhone images;
  • The future of iPhone photography     

Signed copies of my books, A Photographer’s Guide to Ohio – Volume 1 and 2, will be available at the program.

The best camera is the one that is always with you – your iPhone! For more information on this program, visit the CVPS website.   


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    Contact the organization that is sponsoring the workshop, as indicated in the description on my website blog. Google the name of the organization to find their website and/or other contact information.


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