iPhone Photography Workshop, Mill Creek Metroparks, Youngstown, May 12/19, 2018

Spring Bulbs, Fellows Riverside Gardens, Mill Creek Metroparks, Youngstown (iPhone 7 Plus)

A couple of days ago I visited Mill Creek Metroparks in Youngstown to scout some shooting locations for my iPhone Photography Workshop, scheduled for May 12 and May 19, 2018. The wooded hillsides were still mostly bare in the Youngstown area, but signs of spring were everywhere, especially at Fellows Riverside Gardens at the north end of Mill Creek Metroparks.

Daffodils and Path, Fellows Riverside Gardens (iPhone 7 Plus)

Many varieties of daffodils were in bloom at Fellows Riverside Gardens, and a few beds of tulips were beginning to flower. I left my Nikon camera gear in my 4Runner and decided to photograph only with my iPhone 7 Plus as I walked around the gardens. It’s quite liberating to not be laden down with a camera bag and heavy Gitzo tripod, and except for long-range telephoto compositions the iPhone 7 Plus handled most of the images I took with ease.        

Orange Daffodils, Fellows Riverside Gardens (iPhone 7 Plus)

The iPhone’s standard lens is roughly equivalent to a 35mm full-frame 28mm wide-angle, which is an excellent choice for many scenic vistas, and the deep depth-of-field intrinsic to smartphone cameras makes it easy to achieve sharp focus throughout the image provided you keep the iPhone still during the exposure.   

Star Magnolia Blossoms, Fellows Riverside Gardens (iPhone 7 Plus)

Several magnolia trees were beginning to bloom, creating opportunities for abstract compositions like the photo above.

Here are some of the topics we will cover during the morning classroom session on May 12:

* The best photo settings for your iPhone, and when and how to use the Flash, HDR, Grid, and other iPhone options.

* The best “capture” apps (mostly free or just a few dollars) for your iPhone, and how to use them to take sharp, colorful, well-exposed photos.

* Tips on composition and lighting in landscape, garden and nature photography.

* Supplementary lenses and other useful accessories for your iPhone, and how to use the iPhone’s new Portrait Mode to create beautiful soft backgrounds for portraits of people, flowers, and other subjects.

* How to organize and store your iPhone photos, plus how to back them up and synchronize them with your iPad, PC or Mac.

* How to easily share your iPhone photos with your family and friends via email, Facebook, Twitter, and Flickr, and how to make great color or black-&-white prints from your iPhone images.

* Which subjects are most suitable for iPhone photography, and which subjects are best taken with your digital point-&-shoot or SLR camera.

* Useful websites, books and other iPhone photography resources.

Suspension Bridge Over Mill Creek (iPhone 7 Plus)

The ornate suspension bridge over Mill Creek, south of Lake Glacier, is a favorite subject for photographers in Mill Creek Metroparks.

Bloodroot Flowers, Near Lake Newport (iPhone 7 Plus)

Your iPhone will focus to within about 4 inches, so you can easily create close-ups of spring wildflowers, like the bloodroot flowers shown above, part of a colony of several hundred plants near Lake Newport at the south end of Mill Creek Metroparks. 

My new 150-page eBook, iPhone Landscape and Nature Photography, will be available as a download from my website in mid-May, and workshop participants will qualify for a sizable discount on this new book.

The workshop includes a morning classroom session with fun iPhone exercises, followed by an afternoon photo shoot in Mill Creek Metroparks,  where the gardens, natural areas, and historical buildings will provide an abundance of picturesque subjects for iPhone photography. We will reconvene on Saturday, May 19, from 1-4 pm, to review our photographs and learn a variety of tips for fine-tuning and   sharing your iPhone images.

To register for the workshop, which is $35 for Mill Creek Photo Clique members and $45 for non-members, call the Ford Nature Center in Mill Creek Metroparks (330-740-7107) by May 10, 2018. 

Note for Android Users: Many of the tips and techniques described in this workshop are also applicable to Android smartphones, but we will only be covering the iPhone (all models) in detail during the workshop.  





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