It’s Here – A Photographer’s Guide to Ohio!

My new book, A Photographer’s Guide to Ohio, has been published by Ohio University Press.

– 6×9-inches, soft cover

– 224 pages, 151 color photographs

– Forward by Ohio First Lady Emeritus Hope Taft

– 20-page primer on digital landscape photography

– 440 Ohio places listed, including detailed descriptions of 158 photogenic Ohio scenic vistas, natural areas, waterfalls, gardens, historic barns and bridges, grist mills, rural areas, landmark buildings and murals

– Information on each location includes address, phone number, website, GPS coordinates, and tips on photography

– Includes books, websites, and other references for each subject

– Five Ohio regional maps with color-coded photography locations

– Comprehensive index with 885 entries

– List price $29.95

Signed copies of the book may be purchased for $25 plus packing/postage from our website:  Be sure to include the name of the person to whom you would like the book to be inscribed.

You can also order the book from your local bookseller or directly from Ohio University Press:


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  1. Very nice Ian, I can’t wait to read the book- We really needed something like this for Ohio. So many people don’t venture beyond their region- NE Ohio, SE Ohio, Toledo, Cincy, etc., hopefully this will encourage everyone to explore our entire state!


  2. Congratulations Ian!
    Looking forward to getting a copy 🙂 Going to have to meet you some day and have you sign the book for me 🙂 We will be coming up to CF area come the fall of this year to continue waterfall hunting.

  3. No one is more qualified than Ian Adams to write such a guide. He knows the state intimately and with a fondness that has always shown in his wonderful photography. If you could pick one person to show you where to photograph in Ohio it would be Ian- consider his book the gazetteer for great Ohio photography!

  4. IAN ADAMS, you are a wonderful individual and an amazing photographer. If folks want to know the secret to your success, all they need to do is follow your books. This latest book should be an adventure for anyone who lives in and enjoys Ohio. Ian knows Ohio and a guide to his favorite Ohio places is a must see for any photographer.

  5. Ian,

    Lovely cover! I can’t think of a better way to lure visitors to Ohio. Now that practically everyone has access to a camera it will be very useful. I hope everyone doesn’t leave their bytes laying around the state of Ohio.


  6. Glad the book is out. I’ve been looking forward to it. No one else I know is better to write a book like this. Your love for this state shows in your wonderfull work.


  7. Ian,

    This looks to be another wonderful addition to your impressive list of publications. I can’t wait to read my copy! Keep up the great work….

    Best wishes,

  8. I remember how beautiful Ohio was when I lived there. I fear reading this book may make me want to leave the beautiful Gulf shores and live back in Ohio,,,,but I’m anxious to read your book!

  9. I have grown up on the east coast, and, having lived extensively abroad, have snapped to the realization, via Ian’s photography, that the “truth” of beauty exists everywhere, even in one’s own back yard. Seeing the unique and special, requires patience and fascination. I’m working on that.

  10. Ian has done it again! Spell-bound with these views from across Ohio, it is hard to keep from heading to the car. I want to see them all first-hand.

    Thank you, my friend, for capturing the beauty of a Old Growth trees throughout the state. This book speaks to me!

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