Picture Ohio! – Longaberger Corporate Building, Newark

Longaberger Building in Newark, Ohio
Longaberger Corporate Building in Newark, Ohio

Three miles east of Newark, alongside State Route 16, stands Ohio’s most unusual building, a giant seven-story basket, capped with a pair of 150-foot handles and painted in yellow ochre. This Brobdingnagian basket looks like the property of a giant berry picker who has decided to take a snooze. In fact, the building is the corporate headquarters of the Longaberger Company, the world’s largest basket manufacturer, and is an exact replica of the company’s Medium Market Basket. The company’s founder, Dave Longaberger, commissioned the building, which was an architectural challenge to design because it required that the top of the building, like a Medium Market Basket, be wider than the bottom. The 70-ton steel handles are supported by pins, just like a real basket, though these pins are eight inches in diameter. To ensure that the handles don’t drop ice on the glass atrium beneath them, they are heated in winter.

You can take a photograph of this unique building from the roadside.  To the east of the 9,000 ton building is a grassy area and a lake, which provides a nice reflection of the building. At sunrise the building turns to gold, framed by a blue sky. Since this is a corporate structure, please obtain permission before setting up a tripod to photograph the building, which can also be toured, by appointment, on the inside.

Location: 1500 Main Street, Newark, Ohio 43055

Tel: (740)-322-5588

Website: www.longaberger.com

GPS: 40.06378N 82.346608W


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