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Daylilies, Moreland Hills Garden - iPhone 5 Photo
Daylilies, Moreland Hills Garden – iPhone 5 Photo

Are your iPhone photos tack sharp, or do you sometimes end up with blurred images when you use your iPhone to take pictures? Here are a few tips for sharper iPhone photographs:

First, spread your feet for better stability. Brace yourself against a tree, a wall, or any solid object nearby, or snuggle up to your companion and lean on his/her shoulder.

Your iPhone instructions tell you to tap the shutter release button icon on the screen. The problem with this is that you may move the iPhone slightly, resulting in a blurred picture. There’s a better way. The photo isn’t actually taken until you release pressure with your finger on the screen. So instead of tapping the screen, press the shutter release button icon, compose the photo, brace yourself, then gently remove your finger from the screen, which activates the shutter release.

Shoot like a sniper! Breath in, hold your breath, gently release the shutter button, then exhale.

Try these tips, and watch the sharpness of your iPhone photos improve.

Daylilies, Moreland Hills Garden - iPhone 5 photo
Daylilies, Moreland Hills Garden – iPhone 5 photo

If you would like more tips for improving your iPhone photos, join us for a half-day program on Saturday, July 27 at The Holden Arboretum, packed with information on how to take great photographs with your iPhone, plus some of the best apps for capturing photos and fine-tuning them on your iPhone, iPad, PC or Mac.

Here’s what you will learn during this fun-filled, half-day program:

* The best photo settings for your iPhone, and when and how to use the Flash, HDR, Grid and Panorama options.

* The best “capture” apps (mostly free or just a few bucks) for your iPhone, and how to use them to take sharp, colorful, well-exposed photos.

* How to double the resolution of your iPhone’s camera!

* How to organize your iPhone photos into albums, plus how to back them up and synchronize them with your iPad, PC or Mac.

* A selection of the best apps for editing and fine-tuning your iPhone photos, and how to use them to create fine art photos with your iPhone or iPad.

* How to share your iPhone photos with your family and friends via email, Facebook, Twitter, and Flickr, and how to make great color or black-&-white prints from your iPhone images.

* Tips on composition and lighting, and exercises to stimulate your iPhone creativity.

* Which subjects are most suitable for iPhone photography, and which subjects are best taken with your digital point-&-shoot or SLR camera.

* Useful websites, books and other iPhone photography resources.

The workshop will be held on Saturday, July 27 from 8:30 am to 12:30 pm at The Holden Arboretum in Kirtland, Ohio.  This program includes a hands-on photo shoot with your iPhone in Holden’s beautiful display gardens and butterfly garden at the peak of summer bloom, plus a handout that includes all the information covered in the classroom sessions.

To register, visit Holden’s website at:  www.holdenarb.org  or call Vonna Vecchio or Joy Totedo at (440)-602-3833

Remember, the best camera is the one you always have with you – your iPhone! Join us for this fun, fact-filled iPhone photography workshop.

For more information, send an email to: ian@ianadamsphotography.com, or call me at (330)-920-7401.

(Please note that many of the apps, tips and techniques we will be discussing can also be used on an Android smart phone, but we will be working exclusively with the iPhone and iPad during this program.)








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