Vernal Poolooza – iPhone Landscape & Nature Photography Workshop – April 5, 2019 – Ashland, Ohio

Woodland Pool, Munroe Falls Metropark, Summit County, Ohio

The Ohio Wetlands Association (OWA) is a state-wide, all volunteer, organization dedicated to the protection, restoration and enjoyment of Ohio’s wetlands and associated ecosystems through science‐based  programs, education and advocacy. More than 90% of Ohio’s original wetlands have been lost, far exceeding the 50% loss nationally, but the bogs, swamps, marshes, fens and vernal pools remaining in the Buckeye State are home to more than a third of Ohio’s rare and unusual animals and plants. I have always enjoyed exploring and photographing Ohio’s wetlands, and more than half of the 80+ natural areas described in my books, A Photographer’s Guide to Ohio – Volumes 1 and 2, include one or more kinds of wetlands.

Skunk Cabbages, Cleveland Metroparks

Vernal Poolooza is Ohio Wetlands Association’s spring wetlands science conference. It will be held at the Ashland University Convocation Center on April 4, 5 & 6, 2019. During the first two days, more than 25 wetland experts will conduct presentations and breakout sessions on vernal pools and the animals and plants that live in them. Here’s a link to the agenda. On Saturday, April 6, field trips to several local wetlands will be available. 

Scarlet Cups, Hampton Hills, Cuyahoga Valley National Park
Fowler’s Toad, Muskingum County, Ohio

On Friday, April 5, from 2-5 pm I will be conducting a photography workshop based on my new eBook, iPhone Landscape and Nature Photography. Today’s iPhones and Android smartphones have excellent camera systems, and I will be covering the following topics:

  • The best iPhone camera settings for landscape and nature photography;
  • Tips for taking sharp, well-exposed iPhone photos;
  • How to use High Dynamic Range (HDR) in contrasty lighting situations;
  • Controlling depth-of-field with Portrait mode;
  • How to take superb panoramic photos with your smartphone;
  • Close-up smartphone photography;
  • Tips for lighting and composition, illustrated with spring and fall iPhone photo essays;
  • Recommended iPhone apps and accessories for landscape and nature photography; 
  • Storing, organizing, fine-tuning and sharing your iPhone nature photos;
  • Advantages and limitations of smartphone cameras for landscape & nature photography. 


Red Eft on lichen, The Holden Arboretum
Japanese Primroses, The Holden Arboretum

To register for Vernal Poolooza, visit this link.





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