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During his 30-year career as an Ohio landscape photographer, Ian Adams has produced 23 photography books, which showcase his passion for Ohio’s natural and rural areas, public gardens, and historical sites, as well as the trees, dragonflies and damselflies, mushrooms and lichens that make their home in and around the Buckeye State. These books are the basis for many of the informative and entertaining slide programs that Ian conducts for libraries, camera clubs, parks and public gardens, nature and conservation organizations.For all slide programs, printed copies of Ian’s most recent photography books are available for sale and signature after the program, or may be downloaded as eBooks from his website. The slide programs are non- technical and usually run for 45- to 60-minutes, but may be shortened if necessary.

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  1. Hi Ian;
    I was doing a web search today to find out about the dragon and damsel flies at Cedar Bog next Saturday and found your work, It is awesome and amazing. I am very new to digital photography and eager to learn more. I live in central Ohio but would like to find out more about any of your upcoming workshops.
    Thank you in advance,
    Hope to meet you at Cedar Bog next weekend,

  2. Hi Gary,

    Glad you enjoyed the article. My next workshop is October 17-18 at Cleveland Botanical Garden.


  3. Hi Ian.
    Hope you are well, happy and healthy. I have been tagged with coordinating programs for the Peninsula Garden Club for 2016 and I am hoping you would agree to do a slide presentation for us. We meet the first Thursday of each month. Please email me and let me know if you could possibly help me out. It would be good to see you. Thanks.

  4. Hello Barb:

    I hope you and Mike are doing well. I would be happy to discuss a slide program for Peninsula Garden Club during 2016. My available slide programs are listed on my website. My fee for a local program is $300.

    Happy Thanksgiving.

    Ian Adams

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