Guernsey County Courthouse, Cambridge – Holiday Lights Show

Guernsey County Courthouse, Cambridge, Ohio
Guernsey County Courthouse, Cambridge, Ohio

Sony A850, 17-35mm lens, ISO 400, f/8 at 1 second

Thanks to Toni Kellar for sharing information on the great Holiday Lights Show currently running each evening, through January 8, 2011, from 5:30 pm to 9:00 pm, at the Guernsey County Courthouse in Cambridge, Ohio. The 15,000 lights that decorate the courthouse change continuously during the 15-minute show, which is accompanied by Christmas music. The courthouse is very large, and you’ll need a wide-angle lens to capture the entire building. Unless you have a tilt-shift lens, you will also need to correct the perspective convergence caused by having to tilt your camera up when you photograph the courthouse. It’s easy to do this in Photoshop,  using the “Crop” command and the “Transform” option (Control A, then Control T, on a PC) to straighten the walls of the building. Here’s a website with more information:

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