Holden Arboretum Winter Photography Workshop – A Retrospective

Holden Winter Workshop Group at Stebbins Gulch, February 3, 2018 (Ian Adams)

Our winter photography workshop at The Holden Arboretum attracted 21 participants, who are seen in the photo above, standing at the top of Stebbins Gulch, just before descending to the left down a shallow waterfall which extends for several hundred feet downstream along the creek which runs through the Gulch. Usually this icy section is covered by a layer of snow, which makes the descent fairly easy, but on this occasion there was very little snow, and most of the terrain consisted of a mixture of flowing water and ice covering the rocky stream bed. In a few places, especially at the base of several short vertical sections of rock, the ice was quite thin and the water was more than two feet deep.

We were accompanied by two Holden guides, who led the group through the woods to a ramp down the hillside which is the access point for the Gulch. Jennifer Ault (second from the left in the photo above, wearing a red jacket) and Chris Rigby (next to Jennifer, in a brown jacket) are both certified Ohio volunteer naturalists, and in addition to scouting the trail and assisting the group they provided a wealth of information about the geology, animals and plants of Stebbins Gulch.           

Photographers in Stebbins Gulch After Descent of Frozen Waterfall (Ian Adams)

In the photo above, seven members of the group are seen at the halfway point in the hike down into Stebbins Gulch. On the far left you can see a person descending the final section of the frozen waterfall before the stream flattens out and the hiking gets easier. This is also where the cliffs, and the icicles that hang from them, begin to increase in height.  

The photographs below, all taken by participants in the workshop, show some of the many facets of the winter landscape in Stebbins Gulch.  

Icicles & Reflection (Lila Fisher-Wenzel)
Stebbins Gulch (Matt Pallante)
Ice Sculpture (Marina Neyman)
Icicles (Matt Pallante)
Wolf-Bear Howl (Jack Rigby)
Lone Trekker (Jack Rigby)


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  1. I had a blast down there, Ian! So beautiful with the rock, ice, snow and water. And a couple of exciting “Yikes!” Moments when sliding around or breaking through ice I was walking on. I thought it would hold me! It held that other skinny person. LOL

    Matt Pallante

  2. I would suggest anyone interested in photographing winter scenery take this workshop.It was a great group of people to hike with and the guides had awesome knowledge of Stebbins Gulch.Ian Adams was on hand for any photography questions we had and was sharing his knowledge on photographing winter scenery. Will take this workshop again.

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