Ice Sculpture, Edgewater Park, Lake Erie

Ice Sculptures, Edgewater Park, Lake Erie
Ice Sculptures, Edgewater Park, Lake Erie

Sony Alpha 850, 24-70mm lens, ISO 400, F/16 at 1/250th second

This morning I returned to Edgewater Park on the Cleveland Lakefront to photograph more of the amazing ice sculpture that covers the shoreline next to the parking area.

Ice, Edgewater Park, Lake Erie
Ice, Edgewater Park, Lake Erie

Sony Alpha 850, 70-300mm lens, ISO 200, F/16 at 1/250th second

The weather forecast is for warmer temperatures with rain and freezing rain for the next few days, so visit Edgewater Park soon if you would like to see these amazing ice displays.

I also visited the Cleveland Lakefront at East 55th Street and East 72nd Street, but the ice sculpture at Edgewater Park is much more impressive.

Watch your step on the ice!

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  1. Ian,

    We were there today also. We stopped at E71 and shot ice formations there, stopped at E55 but did not see much and then onto Edgewater Park.

    We stopped at nela park on the way home. The display was very nice. I will post some images to my home page.

    I worked a number of images from Edgewater for HDR. I will use the conversion suggestions that were in this month’s issue of OP.

    Have a Happy New Year,


  2. Hi ? (You didn’t leave your name):

    I’m glad you liked the blog article. It is saved in my blog archive, so you can find it at any time. You can also find all of my photography blog articles on my Ian Adams Photography Facebook Page, which is very easy to navigate. The URL is:

    …Ian Adams

  3. Hi Jim, thanks for the heads-up on the Cleveland lakefront ice photos. We are in the process of updating the website, so there may be a few hiccups from time to time over the next several months.

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