Icicles & Frozen Waterfalls Photography Workshop, The Holden Arboretum

Icicle Panorama,Stebbins Gulch, The Holden Arboretum
Icicle Panorama, Stebbins Gulch, The Holden Arboretum

If you would like to fine-tune your winter photography skills, join me on Saturday, January 25, 2014 for a one-day Ice Photography Workshop at The Holden Arboretum in Lake County, Ohio. This is a popular workshop that we have conducted for more than 15 years.

Sunrise Over Lake Erie, Marblehead
Sunrise Over Lake Erie, Marblehead

The workshop begins with a slide program on winter photography at Holden’s Visitor Center. We’ll cover winterizing your digital camera equipment, the best camera settings for winter photography, fine-tuning your winter exposures using in-camera histograms, and specific tips for finding, lighting and composing great photographs of  Lake Erie ice, icicles, ice patterns, snow scenics, and wildlife in winter. After the slide program, we’ll carpool a short distance and enjoy a hike through Holden’s winter woods to Stebbins Gulch, a rugged gorge with 80-foot sandstone cliffs, frozen waterfalls, and picturesque icicles, if the weather is seasonally cold. We’ll descend into the gorge (knee-length rubber boots are recommended), shoot  for a couple of hours, then hike out of the Gulch and return to Holden’s Visitor Center to socialize and enjoy a hot drink.

Stebbins Gulch, The Holden Arboretum
Stebbins Gulch, The Holden Arboretum

This workshop is limited to 16 participants, and you should have a basic knowledge of digital photography and be familiar with the controls and operation of your digital  point-&-shoot or SLR camera. The photo shoot includes two miles of hiking in the snow, some scrambling around snow-covered trees and boulders, patches of ice, and wading through an icy stream with water that may be up to a foot or more in depth.

There will also be an evening session on Saturday, February 1, 2014 from 2-4 pm at the Holden Visitor Center to share and critique your photos from the Stebbins Gulch photo shoot, and we’ll cover some techniques forfine-tuning  your winter photos using Adobe Photoshop CS6/CC  and Adobe Lightroom 5.0

To register for the program, visit Holden’s website at: http://www.holdenarb.org or call Vonna Zahler or Joy Totedo at (440)-(602)-3833.

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  1. Hi James: I was born near Birmingham and lived in the U.K. for 28 years. I would imagine you could find
    some icicles in North Wales, the Lake District, or the Scottish Highlands. You certainly have beautiful
    scenery in all those places. Happy New Year!

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