Name the Place!

Conkles Hollow State Nature Preserve

The first person to correctly identify the name of the Ohio place shown in the photo above, where it is located, and answer the question, “What is the inscription that was carved on the rock wall of the gorge by the person for whom this place is named?” will win an autographed copy of Browntrout’s 2011 Wild & Scenic Ohio or 2011 Ohio Places wall calendar (your choice). The second person to correctly identify the place and answer the question will receive six Ohio postcards featuring Ian Adams photography.  Below are the competition rules and information on how to enter:

1. You must “like” our Ian Adams Photography Facebook Page in order to enter the competition. Simply visit the page and click on the “like” button. Thank you!

2. Identify the name and the exact location of the subject, which may be a vista, waterfall, natural area, historic barn or bridge, historic building or mural. Vague locations like the name of the county, township, or general area are not acceptable. We will provide the name of the state (usually Ohio) in which the subject is located.

3. Answer the question about the place shown in the photograph.

4. Send your answer via email (preferred)  to Or send us a private message via Facebook. Please don’t post your answer on the Ian Adams Photography Facebook Page where everyone can see it!!

5. The winner and second place winner will be announced within two weeks.

6. You may only win one first prize (an Ohio  calendar) and one second prize (the Ohio postcards) in each calendar year.

We hope you enjoy Name the Place!  Good luck!

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