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The best camera, it’s often said, is the one that is always with you – your iPhone. As you read these words, your copy of the world’s most successful – and profitable – product, or its Android competitor, is probably within easy reach. The younger you are, the more time you spend with your iPhone, staring at its screen for a mind blowing 6-7 hours each day if you are a Millennial or a Generation Zer. Every day, 250 million photos are uploaded to Facebook, and another 50 million are added to Instagram. As predicted by the late Steve Jobs, the iPhone has become “the one device” – including a superb camera – that now dominates our lives.  

I’ve been conducting iPhone photography workshops for 6 years, and they are without doubt the best-attended and most popular photography programs that I carry out each year. At Ohio State University’s Agricultural Technical Institute (ATI) in Wooster, Ohio, where I have just begun my 8th year teaching  a 14-week horticultural photography course, all my students complete the entire program, including a self-published book, using only their smartphones to complete the photography assignments. 

There are plenty of iPhone photography books available, but so far nobody has produced one devoted to landscape and nature photography with an iPhone. I’m pleased to announce that after two years of research, practice, and writing, my new book, iPhone Landscape & Nature Photography, is now finished and will be launched as my first eBook on September 1, 2018. This will be my 23rd photography book, and includes 143 pages, almost 150 color photos, 40+ screenshots, and 29,000 words of instructional text. The book will be available as a downloadable PDF file from my website, priced at $14.99. 


The Table of Contents pages shown above will give you an idea of the wealth of practical information included in iPhone Landscape & Nature Photography, which will become the official textbook for my ATI course as well as the primary reference for my future iPhone photography workshops. Because it is an eBook, iPhone Landscape & Nature Photography will be constantly updated to reflect new iPhone models and iOS operating systems, including iOS 12 and the new iPhone models which will be announced by Apple next month.

iPhone Landscape & Nature Photography

Available Now


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  1. Hi Ian,
    I’m wondering how much the information in your ebook crosses over to a Samsung 8.?
    Liz Reed

  2. Hi Liz,

    Most of the tips and techniques in the book can also be used with Android phones, although the specific commands will vary, depending on the make and model. Virtually all the apps described in the book are also available for Android phones.

    Ian Adams

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