ONAPA iPhone Photography Walk – Guy Denny’s Prairie, Knox County – Saturday, July 29, 2017

Guy Denny’s Prairie, Knox County, Ohio

Guy L. Denny served as Chief of the Division of Natural Areas and Preserves for the Ohio Department of Natural Resources and dedicated 33 years of service to the state. During his tenure he built a nationally recognized system of more than 100 state nature preserves, and served as chief naturalist for Ohio State Parks. Since retiring about 15 years ago, Guy has continued to work tirelessly on behalf of Ohio’s natural areas, and he is the co-founder and president of the Ohio Natural Areas and Preserves Association (ONAPA), which has almost 1,000 members. Guy is a great friend and supporter of my Ohio photography, and wrote the foreword for my recent book, A Photographer’s Guide to Ohio – Volume 2

Guy Denny is an expert on Midwest prairies, and his new book, The Prairie Peninsula, co-authored with photographer Gary Meszaros, was published last month by Kent State University Press. More information about this book is available here. Guy has gained much of his extensive knowledge of Midwest prairies from a 25-acre tallgrass prairie which he has established and maintained for more than 30 years at his home in Knox County, Ohio. 

Ohio Spiderwort

Guy Denny’s prairie provides a spectacular display of dozens of wildflowers, grasses, and other prairie plants during the summer, with peak bloom usually in late July and early August. Many species of butterflies, dragonflies and other insects live in the prairie, making it a paradise for nature photographers from spring through the fall. You can experience this haven of natural beauty by joining me for an iPhone Photography Walk at Guy Denny’s prairie on Saturday, Jul 29, at 10:00 am.    

Great Spangled Fritillary on Purple Coneflower

Anyone can take a snapshot with a smartphone, but to take your iPhone photography to a higher level requires a knowledge of lighting and composition in landscape and garden photography, as well as how to control exposure, sharpness, and depth-of-field, using the iPhone’s built-in features as well as a variety of apps that provide additional capabilities. I will share tips on these and many other aspects of iPhone photography as we stroll the paths through Guy Denny’s prairie for several hours. Guy will be on hand to answer questions about his prairie and the myriad of flora and fauna that thrive there.

For more information, or to register for the photo walk, visit the ONAPA website.  


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