Picture Ohio! A New Series of Blog Articles

One of the Midwest's Best Icicle Displays

I’m often asked to name my favorite place in Ohio for photography.  My tongue-in-cheek response: “Wherever in Ohio I happen to be at the time!” That’s an honest answer, because there are wonderful places to photograph in every corner of the Buckeye State.

More than 150 of these places – scenic vistas, waterfalls, natural areas, public gardens, historic barns and bridges, rural areas, historic buildings and murals – are described in my new book, A Photographer’s Guide to Ohio, which will be released by Ohio University Press in Spring, 2011.

Every two weeks, beginning tomorrow, I will be previewing information on one of these photogenic Ohio places on my blog, as well as a few other Ohio photo locations that couldn’t be included in the book because of space constraints. For the next three months or so, I’ll highlight some great places for winter photography around the Buckeye State.

All of the sites in Picture Ohio! are open to the public and freely accessible. Most are free, except for a few public gardens that charge a small admission fee.  I have visited and photographed each of the places I’ll describe, most of them more than once and some of them dozens of times over the years.

For each place covered in Picture Ohio! I will include directions, a GPS location, and a phone number or a website, if available,  where you can find more information.

Based on my visits, I’ll share some suggestions on when to visit each place, as well as  some photography tips. But don’t expect to find detailed instructions on exactly where to stand and what lens, f/stop, and shutter speed to use – this isn’t a cookie cutter guide to Ohio travel photography. Use the information to decide if you want to visit a place, and when you get there explore the location visually from your own perspective and decide how you would like to interpret and photograph the scene. Travel photography is a never-ending journey, and each time I return to a favorite Ohio location I look forward to finding new ways to view the subject through my camera’s lens.

Check back tomorrow for the first Picture Ohio! location, shown in the photo above – Ohio’s finest display of icicles!

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