Picture Ohio! – What is it?

I photographed this abstract pattern in a woodland in the Cuyahoga Valley National Park this afternoon.

The first person to guess correctly what this is will win a signed copy of Browntrout’s 2012 Ohio Places calendar.



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  1. Is it a painted horse on a trail ride?

  2. It’s the spots on a little fawn. I think that’s what little baby deer are called?


  3. Good try, Cheryl, but incorrect.

  4. butterfly wing

  5. You’re close, Susan, but please be more specific.

  6. Painted lady?

  7. No, it’s not a painted lady, or even a butterfly wing. This insect is much bigger…keep trying!

  8. Cecropia moth!!!!!!!!

  9. No, but you are very close! Check out the wing patterns of some of the Cecropia’s relatives…

  10. hummingbird clearwing?

  11. barring that I’d go for Polyphemus

  12. Is it a Royal Walnut Moth?

  13. Having a great time with this! How about Citheronia regalis, the Royal Walnut Moth?!

  14. Beth and Susan, you both correctly identified the abstract pattern as the wing of a Royal Walnut Moth. Check out my next website post to see the original photograph and more information. Susan, please email me your mailing address so I can send you a signed copy of my 2012 Ohio Places calendar. Beth, you get one too – I believe I have your address since you purchased a copy of my new book. Congratulations to both of you!

  15. Thanks Ian! That is a gorgeous moth.

  16. Thank you! I really enjoyed the searching! I kept thinking your photo was more macro than it was. Night Visions by Joseph Scheer is a wonderful photography book on Moths. Anyone who thinks moths are ugly need only look to dispel that notion. I have never seen this moth. You are fortunate to have seen something so beautiful. My friend Elly who is the staff entomologist at Dow Gardens will be proud of me for getting this (with hints). I will email you my address and again thank you. I learned a lot in the search.

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