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Summa Health System – New West Tower

Early in 2018 I received an email from Meg Harris Stanton, the owner of Akron-based Harris Stanton Gallery, inviting me to submit some Ohio landscape photographs for possible use as prints in Summa Health System’s new West Tower, a $260 million, 343,000-square-foot building scheduled to open in May, 2019.

The specifications for the prints were intriguing but very challenging. Each photograph had to be capable of being enlarged to either 42×85-inches or a panoramic strip measuring 20×80-inches. Usually I make my own prints, either on Epson Premium Luster paper or Epson Satin or Matte Canvas, using my 44-inch Epson Stylus Pro inkjet printer. The Summa prints, however, were to be printed on Willow Glass, an amazing material developed by Owens Corning, which also produces the Gorilla Glass used in iPhones and other smartphones. The sheets of Willow Glass are only 10-20 microns thick (about one-tenth of a millimeter) which allows the Willow Glass sheets to be rolled up like a sheet of paper. I needed to provide high-resolution files that could be used to print each image onto Willow Glass as part of the fabrication of the wall units to be manufactured in Canada and then installed in patient rooms and other locations on several of the seven floors of the new West Tower.            

Prints in Neonatal Intensive Care Unit, Summa West Tower

Three of my Ohio landscape images were eventually selected for use in the project, including a panoramic fall scene taken at Triangle Lake State Nature Preserve near Ravenna, shown in the photo above, and a panoramic spring view from the Bole Overlook at The Holden Arboretum in Lake County, shown in the two photos below.     

Holden Arboretum Panorama, Summa West Tower
Summa West Tower Patient Room with Bole Overlook, Holden Arboretum Print

Each of the Willow Glass prints is accompanied by a plaque with details about the photograph and print, including a bar code which can be scanned with a smartphone that directs the viewer to a website with more detailed information about the artist and the prints. Here is a link to a Summa Health System website page with more detailed information about the three prints:

I would like to thank Meg Harris Stanton, Ivana Medukic, and Summa Health System for this opportunity to share my Ohio landscape photography with thousands of patients, visitors, and staff in Summa’s new West Tower over the years to come.  


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  1. Ian, I am a glass artist interested in printing Hi-Res lenticular images on Corning’s Willow glass; with lenticular images I need a flexible curved surface.
    Where can I acquire some Willow glass? How is a Hi-res image printed on it?
    Many thanks,
    -Jim Russell

  2. Hi Jim,

    Jim, the images in the patient rooms at Summa’s West Wing building were printed by the building developer at a special facility in Canada as part of the fabrication of the patient room walls. The photographers did not make these prints. I suggest you contact Corning for more information about printing on Willow glass.


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