Picture Ohio! – Honey Run Falls, Knox County

Honey Run Falls, Knox County, Ohio
Honey Run Falls, Knox County, Ohio

There aren’t many waterfalls in central Ohio, but Honey Run Falls, near Danville in Knox County, is a gem. The 25-foot waterfall cascades over sandstone rock in a hemlock hollow a few hundred yards south of the Kokosing River. Knox County Parks acquired the 2-acre property that includes the falls in late April, 2007, and a parking area with room for several vehicles is located nearby on Hazel Dell Road. A short trail leads to the base of the falls.

The parking area for Honey Run Falls is located at 11416 Hazel Dell Road (County Road 71), 1.2 miles east of SR 62. From the intersection of SR 36 and SR 62, head south across the Kokosing River and take the first road on the left, which is Hazel Dell Road. Honey Run Falls are about 13.3 miles east of Mount Vernon and 5 miles south of Danville.

Website: www.knoxcountyparks.org

GPS: 40.382685N 82.266034W

Honey Run Falls faces north northwest, and can almost dry up after long periods without rain, especially in summer and fall. On a sunny day, early morning and late evening are the only times the falls will be totally in shade. On a cloudy day, you can photograph the falls anytime, though afternoon provides optimal lighting. Most of the best views of the falls are from its base, but you can also scramble up to the top of the falls and photograph it from above.

From the base of the waterfall, a woodland trail leads a few hundred yards to the Kokosing River, one of Ohio’s most picturesque state scenic rivers. Large sandstone boulders along the edge of the river provide good vantage points for photography. In April, 2010 the park district purchased an additional 348 acres of meadows and woodlands across Hazel Dell Road, including a 60-acre restored prairie and four miles of hiking trails.

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