Picture Ohio! – Rockefeller Park Greenhouse, Cleveland

Entrance to Rockefeller Park Greenhouse
Entrance to Main Showhouse, Rockefeller Park Greenhouse

One of my favorite places to visit in northeast Ohio during the holiday season is the Rockefeller Park Greenhouse, located at 750 E. 88th Street in Cleveland, just south of Interstate I-90 off Martin Luther King Jr. Drive, about 5 miles east of downtown Cleveland.

Poinsettia display, Rockefeller Park Greenhouse
Poinsettia display, Rockefeller Park Greenhouse

Rockefeller Park Greenhouse is more than a century old, founded in 1905 on a portion of the 270 acres given to the City of Cleveland by billionaire businessman and philanthropist John D. Rockefeller. Initially the Greenhouse was used to grow plants for landscaping parks and gardens in the City, but the Greenhouse has also expanded its role and today it serves as a botanical garden with specialty plant collections as well as seasonal displays. The Greenhouse is open daily, including weekends and holidays, from 10:00 am to 4:00 pm. You are welcome to bring your photo gear, including tripods and flash, or simply stroll around the Greenhouse with your smartphone, which is usually my preference. Parking and admission at the Greenhouse are free.

Poinsettia display, Rockefeller Greenhouse
Poinsettia display, Rockefeller Park Greenhouse

Beginning around Thanksgiving, the Greenhouse puts on a spectacular holiday display of poinsettias, which offer a myriad of opportunities for scenic and close-up photography.

Cacti Showhouse, Rockefeller Greenhouse
Cacti Showhouse, Rockefeller Park Greenhouse

The photo of the cactus collection shown above was taken in the Cacti Showhouse, one of several plant collections displayed in rooms called Showhouses at the Greenhouse. Other showhouses feature tropical plants, ferns, orchids, and an indoor water garden.

Nerve Plant, Rockefeller Park Greenhouse
Nerve Plant, Rockefeller Park Greenhouse
Orchid Showhouse, Rockefeller Park Greenhouse
Orchid Showhouse, Rockefeller Park Greenhouse

The nerve plant and orchid photos shown above were taken in the Orchid Showhouse. All of the photos included in this post were taken with my iPhone 6, plus an iPro 2X telephoto lens in one or two of the images.

The Rockefeller Park Greenhouse is never crowded, and there is a constantly changing display of photogenic subjects through the seasons. The Greenhouse is surrounded by several acres of outdoor theme gardens, including a Japanese Garden, a Latin American Garden, the Betty Ott Talking Garden, an Iris Garden, and the Peace Garden.

For more information, visit the Rockefeller Park Greenhouse website.







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  1. Sad that there seems no way to find out about future displays in the Greenhouse. Some information on last year. Telephone is not answered.

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